Scott Disick Confirmed He Was Hiding A Woman From Kim Kardashian In His Hotel Room

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Turns out Kim was right: Scott Disick was hiding a woman in his hotel room. Earlier this week, a teaser for the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed Kim possibly catching a woman behind a door, but a new clip confirms that her instincts were right on the money. While Kim explores his hotel room, Scott tells a producer that he's hiding a girl downstairs.
The first red flag in the clip is when someone spots an unidentified purse in the living room. Kim, getting wind that something is up, immediately begins stalling for time in an effort to find the woman Scott clearly doesn't want her to see.
"What the fuck? Like this cannot be," Kim says in her confessional. "Something is up. Scott is like pacing and something came over me that I was like, 'He has a fucking girl hiding somewhere and we're gonna find her.'"
Kim's anger comes from the fact that Scott and her sister, Kourtney, have had a tense relationship. They officially broke up back in 2015, but have stayed somewhat amicable in order to co-parent their three children. Emphasis on the "somewhat."
While, in the clip, Scott wants everyone to get going, Kim insists on taking pictures by the aquarium in his room downstairs. (Oh, what's that? You've never had an aquarium in your hotel room before? Just go with it.) Really, however, she's sniffing around in hopes of stumbling upon this mystery woman.
Scott, getting panicked, whispers to a producer, "There's a girl downstairs."
Well, we know what happens next. At least, the previous teaser shows Kim getting pretty agitated.
“Do you think we should go bang down the bathroom door and see what the fuck is in there?!” she cries. The teaser ends with her opening up the door and yelling "Tramp!" at an unknown person.
Watch Scott's nervous reaction to Kim's snooping below:

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