Let Bill Nye Explain Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, & Fuller House To You

Watching Netflix can leave you with a lot of burning questions. Like "could Eleven be in contact with a parallel universe?" Or "how do Rory and Lorelai digest all that coffee and not die?" Enter, Bill Nye the Science Guy. He's had a lot to say lately, from his call on the Trump administration to support space travel to his speech at the March for Science. And now, he's stepping in to solve the most baffling Netflix-related mysteries.
In a video on Netflix's YouTube channel, Nye fact-checks Mr. Clark's explanation of parallel universes, conceding that he "brings up some fascinating points," Uproxx reports.
It gets deep: "According to the multiverse theory, the continuous expansion of the universe has produced various pockets of energy that expanded exponentially to create other universes similar, and yet completely different from our own. Therefore, some scientists believe that this theory of the ancient universe’s rapid expansion suggests the possibility of multiverses," he explains. "My money's on El traveling through space and time to be reunited with her Eggo."
In a slightly less abstract video, he analyzes Rory and Lorelai's coffee consumption. Over the course of an episode, he guesses, they're probably ingesting up to 24 cups. About four cups a day are safe, tops. "I’m feeling wired just talking about it! That’s why they talk so fast, unless it's all the cute boys in Stars Hollow," he says. Probably both. Now it all makes sense.
Fuller House teaches us a fluffier lesson, literally. For that one, Nye chose to dissect a scene in which Stephanie kisses and cuddles Max's dog, prompting a long, collective "aww." Disregarding the fact that the "aww" was probably just a pre-recorded track, there's a neurological reason for our love of puppies. "When you watch these moments and let out a long 'aww,' that's your brain's evolutionary biology kicking in to remind you that humans have been attracted to the same cute things since we showed up on the Earth's surface," says Nye.
We'll be keeping our eyes on Netflix's YouTube channel for more Bill Nye videos. Maybe next he'll explain how Jessica Jones got her powers?

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