Watch Bill Nye's Open Letter To Donald Trump

Bill Nye is more than just the science guy. He's also the CEO of something called The Planetary Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and advocacy about space travel. He's now, in that official capacity, recorded an open letter to President Donald Trump.
Nye offers five recommendations in the letter, citing bipartisan support for NASA and pressing the president to use that support to help promote future space travel. The space industry has largely moved to the private sector, through things like SpaceX and whatever it is that Richard Branson is doing, so the move back into the public sphere would be an interesting and possibly welcome development. Especially since we're currently in the midst of our longest stretch of truly-freak weather seemingly caused by climate change.
"You have the opportunity to provide clear direction to our nation's space program," Nye said in the letter. "The advances and discoveries made on your watch could be historic."
Nye also says that the country should focus on going to Mars, a goal he believes can be accomplished in 15 years.
"We strongly recommend," Nye said. "Let's maintain all of the existing programs: Robotic missions, crew capsules and rocket programs."
Trump has advocated for a return to the moon and an increase in manned space flight, so this plea may not be falling on deaf ears. Plus, they're both broadcast professionals. Trump probably respects the guy.
Watch his open letter below.

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