The New Wonder Woman Dolls Are Here & They're Fabulous

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Like any proper superhero, the new Wonder Woman is getting her own brand new dolls. Mattel and Warner Bros. collaborated on a beautiful new set of Barbies inspired by Wonder Woman, the first live-action film in the franchise, out June 2. The dolls (which go on sale online and in stores nationwide on Saturday, April 29 and cost $44.95 a piece) are modeled after the main characters in the highly anticipated movie, from their head to their toes. Meet the badass ladies of Themyscira.
First and foremost, there's Wonder Woman herself (a.k.a. Diana), played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot in the movie. In her iconic look here, she's wearing her headpiece, thigh-high boots, and cape. She's also got another gorgeous look you can see when you click through. And then there's the supporting cast she needs to help her save the world, because even superheroes can't do it alone.
Wonder Woman's mother Queen Hippolyta is played by Danish actress Connie Nielsen in the movie. The character is based on the queen of the Amazon in Greek mythology. Hippolyta's sister and Wonder Woman's aunt Antiope, portrayed by Robin Wright in the new movie, is similarly based on an Amazonian figure from Greek mythology. And last but surely not least is Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), the U.S. army pilot that Wonder Woman rescues after he crash lands on the shores of Paradise Island.
Click ahead to see the Barbies, decked out in their warrior costumes, and get excited to see Wonder Woman & co. take the big screen on June 2. The only thing we're still wondering? Whether the dolls have armpit hair.

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