A Woman With Disabilities's Best Friend Asked Her To Prom & It's The Sweetest Thing

Image via: Droese Public Relations
Prom-posals can get seriously creative. There was the guy who ran more than 5 miles just so he could ask his girlfriend to prom, and the guy who asked Kylie Jenner (and then she actually showed up.) Plus, there's always the option to ask your special someone via a prom-posal bath bomb.
But perhaps the sweetest prom-posal we've seen this year was also the simplest. Air Force cadet Nick Waterman graduated from high school two years ago, but came back to his hometown this prom season to ask his good friend, Jillian King, if he could escort her to prom, NBC5 reports.
King was born with physical and mental disabilities, according to a statement shared with Refinery29. She needs assistance to walk, and is mostly nonverbal (she can speak about 100 words, the statement said). While they were both in high school, Waterman was King's tutor, and eventually became her best friend.
Now that he lives away from home, Waterman visits King whenever he's home on school breaks and sometimes calls her just to check in. "She prays for him every single day, carries his picture with her at all times, and looks forward to every call and visit," the statement said of King's love for Waterman.
Image via: Droese Public Relations
Last weekend, Waterman took a special trip home to surprise King and take her to prom. He walked into their living room carrying a teddy bear and a sign that simply said, "Prom?" and asked her to be his date.
King was thrilled and immediately lit up at the prospect of going to this special dance, which she hadn't even considered attending, with her best friend.
And if the photos say anything, she and Waterman had a wonderful time. It goes to show that sometimes even the simplest surprises can make someone's day.

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