Mila Kunis Surprised Her Parents By Renovating Their Condo

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Mother's Day is coming up, but Mila Kunis has already given her family the best gift. In partnership with MyHouzz, the actress renovated her parents' condo and surprised them with the results.
The Bad Moms star moved into the condo with her family when they first made the move from Ukraine to Los Angeles, and her parents have lived there ever since. However, it has some issues: The furniture and other accents are outdated, and the kitchen is far too small for her mother, who loves to cook. Kunis wants to makes a few changes — okay, a lot of changes.
"Knowing how hard I’ve worked now for what I have, puts things in perspective for how much harder my parents had to have worked to have given my brother and I the life that we had," Kunis said in a video of the experience. "I would like to do this renovation for my parents because they’ve done so many things for my brother and I."
So, she sat down with a decorator, who helped bring her vision to life. Together, they bought entirely new furniture and took down a wall to open up the kitchen. Kunis herself, nine months pregnant with Dimitri, even made the first swing.
"I might be nine months pregnant, but if anyone’s going to knock down this wall, it’s me!" she cried before hitting the wall with a mallet. Kunis particularly hated the wall because it cut her mother off from the rest of the house when she cooked, meaning she was isolated from the conversation. Not exactly fair to the person who puts dinner on the table every evening.
The theme of the renovation was brightness and openness, which are exactly the words husband Ashton Kutcher used when first seeing the new space. He helped make the final adjustments before Kunis' parents arrived — after six weeks away with no idea what their daughter was up to.
Upon first seeing the new condo, her mother started crying, looking at the new kitchen and all of the possibilities that came with it. Her father, sprawled out on the new couch, was equally as pleased.
"When you’re angry and you don’t like something, you have a lot of words to explain," he said. "But when you’re happy, you’re just happy. That’s it!"
Watch the full renovation below!

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