Mila Kunis & Kristen Bell Are Done Being “Good” Moms In This New Movie

Bad Moms, the new comedy from the (male) writing team behind The Hangover, doesn't hit theaters until July 29. Which means we've got plenty of time to pick apart the trailer.
Our initial thoughts: Christina Applegate is such a delight. What is Kathryn Hahn doing in this movie? Why can't Mila Kunis' character just wear whatever bra makes her comfortable? Large gatherings of women don't all devolve into girl-on-girl action. Kristen Bell should probably have her own comedy special by now. Prediction: At the end of this movie, all the moms will realize that they're working toward something unattainable and cut each other a little slack. Then they'll all have a cocktail and maybe even eat something with gluten in it. Fin.

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