The Newest Tattoo Trend Is Somewhere You'd Never Expect

Photographed by Winnie Au.
There are plenty of piercing trends that we love. Daith piercings require less recovery time and look edgy as hell. Constellation piercings give new meaning to ear bling. Conch piercings are modern and fresh. But no matter how much we love our jewelry, there is a new look sweeping Instagram that might just eliminate the need for it completely: Helix tattoos.
The cool new place to get your tattoo is apparently on the helix — the curved upper area of your ear. The contemporary spot has been cropping up on the social media site for months now, but the origin of the dainty trend could be credited to Seoul tattoo artist Zihee, the master of delicate designs, reports Yahoo Beauty. Her signature style utilizes colorful designs with minimal lines and shapes that fit perfectly in the inside of the ear. Check out her feed, and you'll notice it's loaded with helix inspiration. The placement itself is perfect for tattoo novices: To keep it hidden, all you have to do is pull your hair over your ears; to reveal the ink, tuck it back.
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