Watch Serena Williams Scream & Break A Tennis Racket Like She Never Has Before

Photo: Courtesy of Intel.
Serena Williams is not happy. At least, not in Intel's latest ad.
The tech company tapped the 23-time Grand Slam champ and soon-to-be mom to demonstrate how playing with outdated equipment — in this case, a wooden racket that splinters spectacularly when Williams hits the ball — can kill your game. Intel compares her inhibited performance to that of someone who uses an old computer.
In the end, Williams joyfully gets a new racket and Intel suggests its faster processor. But not after the tennis ace has screamed not once, but twice at Jim Parsons. That impressive yell is reason enough to watch the ad.
Here's what we learned when we talked with Williams about texting, Snapchat filters, and the apps on her phone.
She Likes Babies*
*Make that Snapchat's baby filter. The tennis ace prefers that lens and the dog face. "Really, if there's one that makes no sense, that one's my favorite. I like the silliest ones."
She Keeps Her iPhone Clutter-Free
Williams's homescreen is all about the basics. Besides Snapchat, her most used apps are, "iBook, Reddit, obviously, and Instagram." [Williams is engaged to Reddit cofounder, Alexis Ohanian.]
She's Always LOLing
If you are lucky enough to have Williams' phone number, you are in for a good, emoji-filled time. "Venus tends to be a really short, to-the-point texter, and I'm an emoji texter. My favorite right now is the girl who does a cartwheel. I also use exclamation marks for periods and question marks, which really makes no sense. And I use 'lol' for everything, which is really annoying to people. I don't mean to do it. I'll say, 'hey lol.'"
She's Bad About Checking Email
To be fair, aren't we all? "I'm more of a texter. I'm really in that millennial mindset. I hardly use email and when I do really have to force myself to check it, because for me I just text everyone everything, and it's so much easier and faster."
She Understands The iOS Update Struggle
Apple, we love your updates, but sometimes that push notification comes at a really bad time. "I have an update due now, but I haven't done it yet because I'm always making a call or sending text messages when the thing pops up. It's always a little bit annoying. It's like, 'Oh, not now. Not in the middle of a call."

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