Lena Headey On The Key To Playing Cersei

Lena Headey is quickly becoming our new favorite go-to guru on Twitter. The Game of Thrones star, who plays the formidable Queen of the Iron Throne-wannabe Cersei Lannister on the show, has been doling out wisdom to her fans lately (without sounding condescending, which can sometimes be a tricky act in 140 characters or less). Last week, it was comforting words on dealing with anxiety and depression. This week, it's acting.
On Tuesday, a Headey follower went straight to the source for help on an assignment he had to do for acting class. The aspiring actor asked the 43-year-old for her guidance on how best to embody her fearsome character, tweeting, "I have to embody Cersei for a class next week. Any advice? #acting #homework." The Twitter gods came through: just 30 minutes later, Headey succinctly shared her best tip after playing the character for six years. "You have to have an exterior which hides a dark powerful storm," she tweeted. "Sit tight and know that NO ONE has ANY idea of what you're capable of."
Game of Thrones fans will agree that that sounds about right. A hidden storm is the perfect metaphor for Cersei, who remains remarkably cool and composed — downright icy at times — throughout all her trials. For six seasons, we've watched the polarizing character wield her power quietly, projecting an IDGAF attitude while gathering anger and ambition within. And we can't wait to watch that storm swell in season 7, premiering in July.

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