The Hottest Natural Hairstyles At Coachella

Photographed by Emily Malan
If there's any place to let your natural hair fly, it's a music festival. And I'm not just saying this because it's where everyone tries to out dress (and sometimes out weird) each other. This is especially true at Coachella. I'm saying this because it's hot as literal F in the desert. Seriously, I can tell you firsthand stories about laying down my edges with pomade — because nothing goes better with space buns than baby hair — only to have it last all of 15 steps outside of my hotel room.
You already know that there are plenty of ways to wear your hair in the heat — from high pineapples to plaits — but there's a difference between merely wearing it and rocking it, something that the attendees ahead can attest to. Because even with two-toned box braids or daisies in their buns, we still managed to notice their rad accessories and funky outfits — it all simply worked.
Ahead, get ready to stop dead in your tracks — we know we did! — when you see all the gorg natural hairstyles that flooded the desert this weekend.

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