Kendall Jenner Explained Why She Won't Talk About Her Love Life

Photographed by Camilla Akrans for Harper's Bazaar.
Kendall Jenner just got real about her love life — and why you won't be hearing about it anytime soon.
Jenner is Harper's Bazaar's May cover star, and her interview covers everything from her family's fame to her anxiety to her efforts at keeping her dating life private.
It's no surprise that Jenner wants to keep this aspect of her life out of the public eye. As writer Dan Peres noted in the profile, there have been recent rumors linking Jenner to Nick Jonas, A$AP Rocky, and Harry Styles.
"I'm not marrying anyone," Jenner told Peres of her dating life. "I'm not engaged. There's nothing long-term or serious like that in my life. If I'm not fully, fully in it with someone, why would I make it public to everyone else? If I don't even know what it is, why would I let the world know?"
She's got a fair point — there's no reason to bring the already-churning gossip mill into the mix. Her love life isn't anyone else's business, so we definitely understand Jenner's desire to keep things private, especially when so many details of her family's lives are in the public domain.
"I think it's something sacred," Jenner said of relationships. "It's something between two people, and nobody else's opinion needs to be involved in it. People want to start drama. If I had a boyfriend, people are going to say all this stuff that's probably going to cause us to break up."
In addition to discussing her love life, Jenner also revealed that she's different from her sisters in that she's less girly than they are.
"I've always been the different one," Jenner told Harper's Bazaar. "I mean, I'm a girl and I like being a girl, but I've just never been into it like they have. I think I get that from my dad. I'd say I'm more of a Jenner than a Kardashian."
The issue hits newsstands on April 25. Check out the full interview and photos over at Harper's Bazaar.

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