What Iconic Movie To Watch, Based On Your Myers Briggs Personaity Type

Is your Zodiac sign not giving you the type of insight you crave? Do you wish you knew yourself just a bit more? Enter the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the trusted personality test online daters swear by.
Most often deployed during high school health classes for providing some career guidance, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator is like the horoscope, all grown up. The test classifies people within 16 distinct personality types, all aligned in a neat rubric that would make an ISTJ proud. The types are written in a type of code, using letters to represent each category: Introverted and Extraverted, Sensing and Intuiting, Thinking and Feeling, and Judging and Perceiving.
Upon discovering your “type,” you might, like me, become obsessed with other fictional personalities who share your Myers-Briggs Type Index. I have Lorelei Gilmore, Ariel the Mermaid, and Don Quixote on the ENFP side. Beat that, people.
With tests like these, you can indulge your introspective side, and from there, make some decisions about important things — like what movie you're going to watch this weekend. Here are the streamable movies perfect for every type of the personality spectrum.
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