Let's Break Down Harry Styles' Mysterious Track Titles

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Mark your calendars for May 12 because it is unofficially Harry Styles Day. The former One Direction boy-with-the-good-hair is releasing his debut album next month and as we prepare ourselves for one of the most talked about projects of the year (it's inevitable), we are breaking down and hypothesizing everything Styles will be singing about once the album comes out.
Like many of his peers, Styles pulls from real life situations when writing and collaborating on songs, which means if we think that a certain song is about a certain someone, we're probably right. And the titles that Styles released actually do paint a very vivid picture of what and whom Styles will be crooning on about. So, let's go through the list, and break down the 10 tracks one by one.
But first, let's look at the album art that he released with the list. Here, Styles appears to be hunched over in a millennial pink bathtub, with a backwards necklace and ruffled wet hair. It's... a masterpiece of composition and mystery. And also kind of disturbing in a way. He looks upset and disheveled. Is this perhaps setting the tone of the record? Is it about heartbreak and breakdowns? Washing away the past and experiencing a (career) rebirth? Is Style getting serious with us?
Moving on to the song titles, I'd like to start by saying that these are all very One Direction-y titles — short, sweet, and to the point. The words will also be repeated throughout the song, a lot, as we already know with Styles' first single, "Sign of the Times," which was released on April 7. He also previously registered four songs with ASCAP in 2015, as Billboard wrote, but none of the names ("5378 Miles," "Already Home," "Coco" and Endlessly") show up here, which could mean that the tracks have were under an alias and have since been renamed.
Anyways —let's get to the good stuff.
"Meet Me in the Hallway"
Styles starts off with the most elusive of titles. What hallway? Meet whom? Are they meeting to talk, or make up, or make out? I'd guess this is about arguing with a woman in the hallway of a bougie event — moving a heated argument out of the public to work it out in privacy.
"Sign of the Times"
We all know this track. To me, it sounds like an obvious ode to the late David Bowie with the airiness of the track and the slow, melodic beat. It also sounds pretty post-apocalyptic, further supporting my previous thesis that Styles is getting serious on us.
Two guesses for this one:
1. It's about Caroline Flack, the young star's ex-girlfriend.
2. Or, Styles is trying to confuse us. He wants us to think it's about Caroline, but really it's about him being single — a "free man" — as the root of the name suggests.
"Two Ghosts"
The ghosts definitely references two figures from Styles' past, presumably ex-girlfriends. If it was "Four Ghosts," then I would say it was about his former boy band, but nah, this one is definitely about two former partners who he still thinks about and feels haunted by.
"Sweet Creature"
This song is about his gorgeous locks, which he had to say goodbye to while filming Dunkirk. The sweet creature was sorely missed by all.
"Only Angel"
Styles recently admitted that his previous approach to dating wasn't working and was even "wrong." Now, he's ready to find a nice, good partner. "Only [an] angel" would do.
A "kiwi" is a nickname for someone from New Zealand. Styles once played scrabble with a model from New Zealand.
"Ever Since New York"
This one is hard! JK it's not, it's definitely about Taylor Swift. I wish there was a follow-up track titled "Ever Since Calabasas" with a shout-out to the good ole Hendall days.
I think we can guess what subject matter Styles will be singing about here.
"From the Dining Table"
We're back to an event space, which is right where we started in track one. Is this a purposeful loop around, uniting the album? Or is he just hungry now after singing about all his feelings? This track is probably about brussels sprouts.

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