Today, You Can Watch Nicole Richie Get Slapped In The Face

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Though it may seem like an effortless art form, the high five can be a precarious act. Move your hand but a centimeter to the left (or the right) and you might end up slapping the air. Or, if you're Cat Greenleaf, you might end up slapping Nicole Richie.
As Us Weekly reports, the host of Talk Stoop, a web series featuring celebrities talking on a stoop, spoke to Richie on Sunday, and things went mildly awry in the first few seconds of the interview. Richie, arguably the pioneer of reality TV stardom, is busy promoting the scripted series Great News, which will premiere on NBC April 25. Little did she know, promoting a television series has its hazards. Hazards like getting clocked in the face.
It started innocently enough, as these things do. Greenleaf, to begin the interview, asked Richie, "So, what's the greatest news you've heard all week?"
To which, Richie joked, "Well, I live in L.A. and I heard it's gonna rain three times this week." At that, Greenleaf went in for a high five. Unfortunately, the host went in with too much gusto, and Richie with too little. The result? One resounding smack on the bridge of Richie's nose. Greenleaf also somehow managed to rip off Richie's aviator sunglasses.
Greenleaf's guest looked more than a little stunned, but handled it all with good humor, as is Richie's style.
"I'm notoriously clumsy," Greenleaf said by way of explanation.
"I can see that," Richie responded. "Out of my left eye only." Later when asked for a fun "notorious" fact, the 35-year-old and mother of two shared that she'd just "been abused, like two seconds ago."
And, because we care, we've made a GIF of the whole priceless experience for you. The slap, the stunned reaction, and Greenleaf's extreme embarrassment — it's all here in its pure comedic glory. And, for the record, Richie is a very funny lady. Look out for more of her antics April 25 in Great News. (We'll have to wait and see if she gets slapped in the face on that show as well.)

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