Is Game Of Thrones Hinting That This Beloved Character Is Coming Back?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
HBO execs must think they're really clever. The network bringing us our favorite premium shows from Big Little Lies to The Night Of to Game of Thrones has the audacity to tease a very critical character and his death in a new ad for the channel.
In a brief commercial for HBO itself, the company managed to round up the biggest stars of its hit shows to all make the "Ahhhh" noise — you know the one. It's that kind of annoying, yet deeply comforting noise that greets you moments before a new Sunday night episode or at the start of another Sex and the City binge session. The idea is clever, and is hilariously narrated by news-comedian John Oliver. And of course, the Game of Thrones cast is able to tease a season spoiler.
It's hinting that one of its beloved fallen characters may be back on the series. No, it's not Oberyn Martell (played by the wonderful Pedro Pascal), who died in one of the most gruesome deaths back in season 4. Nor is it anyone who was slain during the red wedding.
Drum roll please.
It's: Hodor, the most loyal character in the show, as played by Kristian Nairn.
A man of few words, Hodor made a guest appearance in the ad for the network, saying only "Hodor" (what else). Of all the Game of Thrones characters used in the ad, he's the only one we didn't expect to see. Does this mean that we're getting more Hodor in season 7 and 8? Is he back from the dead? Did he never die? Will Bran continue to go between the past, present, future? Is that where we see Hodor again?

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