What Does Arya's Outfit In These New Pictures Say About This Season Of Game Of Thrones?

Waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones feels like watching ice melt — literally. That's an actual thing they did when revealing the season seven premiere date. But now that we know when to cancel all our plans (July 16th), we're busy devouring every possible clue and sneak peak that HBO throws our way. The latest amounts to a total of maybe three seconds, chopped up and sprinkled into a larger ad for HBO filled with all of the network's biggest stars.
Vanity Fair reporter Joanna Robinson grabbed screenshots of the moments and posted them on Twitter, meaning now we can truly analyze every character.
While 11 of the main characters, including Daenerys and Jaime, feature in the ad, everyone is focused on Team Stark. That's because this season is likely going to be the first time they're reuniting after over five years of being apart. Jon Snow looks like his usual burly self clad in fur, but Sansa and Aria have a brand new demeanor for the adventures ahead.
Aria in particular is sporting an outfit that's a long way away from the rags she donned for most of season six, and it's making us wonder what exactly it means for her character. She's got a tough leather vest surrounded by a thick fur — and the sword doesn't hurt either. She truly looks like a fighter of the North. Is this something we should expect in season seven?
Aria's outfit, next to Sansa's dark cape and thick stole (not to mention Bran's own costume, which mimics that of his older brother), leaves no doubt in our mind that House Stark is going to band together and reclaim everything they've lost. Or at least, they'll try. It's heartbreaking, really. We were introduced to these characters as the children of House Stark's great leaders, but now they're the only ones left to avenge the family name.
Not that we're surprised. If anything, the past six seasons have been about revealing that the Starks who were initially overlooked or cast aside are actually the family's most important members. Now, they're going to prove it.
Watch the full TV spot below!

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