Nina Dobrev Is The Worst Girl In Los Angeles In This New Video

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
As a New York transplant who has made Los Angeles her home, I have a fierce loyalty to my selected city. Yet with loyalty comes certain truths: like, say, that the residents of Los Angeles can be hella ridiculous. Instagram account Overhead LA captures some of the more insane (and sometimes completely asinine) things that Angelenos dish out on occasion. Is everyone in Los Angeles a vapid, selfie-obsessed yogi who spends more time talking about traffic than world affairs? No — though we do spend a lot of time talking about traffic, because, really, how else are we supposed to deal with traffic? However, this new Funny or Die video from Overheard LA perfectly captures those who are — and Vampire Diaries' star Nina Dobrev is a fantastic prototype.
"Why would they schedule Easter during Coachella?," Dobrev's character bemoans over lunch at Pearl's. (Yes, Coachella really is that big of a deal, and good luck getting anywhere east of Hollywood on its first Friday. Did I mention that Angelenos love to talk about traffic?)
"It's so much more acceptable to do coke than to drink Coke," scolds The Worst Girl In Los Angeles. (This one is particularly heartbreaking for me, considering my undying love of Diet Coke, which I only learned was not the healthiest drink option upon moving to the west coast.)
As someone who scans through Overheard LA on the daily, I'm kind of obsessed with Dobrev's delivery of quotes that I've already double-tapped. Dobrev may be playing a terrible stereotype of the worst of the worst that Los Angeles has to offer, but I'm also giddy hearing these shallow musings come to life.
That's not to say everything that Dobrev's character says is wrong. The lighting for selfies is definitely better on the 5 freeway than the 405...even though the view is so not as pretty. Sacrifices, you know?

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