There's A New, Crazy Way You Can Apply For A Job At McDonald's

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Update: After testing Snaplications in Australia, McDonald's is opening up the Snapchat-application process in the U.S. starting tomorrow, reports Business Insider.
This story was originally published on April 7, 2017, at 11:15 a.m.
Calling all young Snapchat stars currently looking for a gig: You can now apply for a job at McDonald's by sending a Snap, reports. But there's a catch! For the time being, the feature will be only available in Australia.
So, how does the process work? Well, the feature is in essence a Snapchat filter that resembles a McDonald’s uniform. If you want to apply for a gig, you record a 10-second intro video "trying" the Mickey D's (or Maccas, as Australians call the fast food joint) duds. Then, you'll send it to the @Maccas account, and the app will give you a link where you can download the regular application form.
"I’ve learnt a lot about Snapchat recently from my 14-year-old daughter," Shaun Ruming, chief operating officer of McDonald’s Australia, told "We think this is actually a world first. Snaplications is basically a Snapchat 'lens' that gives users the ability to apply for a job — or at least commence that process — by sending a 10-second snap."
He added, "We’re the largest employer of youth in the country, so we’re trying to look for new and innovative ways to recruit crew people."
Well, we'll go out on a limb and say this initiative definitely qualifies as "innovative." However, Ruming clarified that the company will review both the Snap and the regular application forms.
"It certainly won’t replace a thorough face-to-face interview, but we’ll obviously take it into account," he said.
So, what qualities should those who are applying through Snapchat have?
"We’re looking for that positivity, bubbly personality — someone we think would be good in a customer service role," Ruming said. "Based on what my daughter sends to her friends, you do get a bit of a glimpse [from a 10-second video]."
The future is now, everyone.
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