Did You Notice This Weird Detail In Kendall's Pepsi Commercial?

If there’s one thing the Internet can agree on, it’s that there are plenty of reasons why Pepsi’s now-pulled campaign, starring Kendall Jenner, culturally missed the mark. But the commercial revealed something else, too: It appears Jenner has never held a can of soda in her life. Instead of gripping the Pepsi for an easy can-to-mouth tilt, she holds it like a dirty tissue. But Jenner's not clueless; the awkward positioning does showcase the Pepsi logo best and make her fingers look long and elegant, which is very much the point.
And she’s not alone. When promoting the Gilmore Girls reboot on The Tonight Show, Alexis Bledel caught flack from Jimmy Fallon for her wonky way of holding flowers and a latte mug in promotional posters. “A lot of fans were saying... they don’t think you know how to hold things,” Fallon says. “This is you holding a coffee mug and that's not normal.” But you know what? Her manicure did look flawless.
So the next time you see a celebrity awkwardly carrying an iced coffee, designer bag, or book, don’t think them ill equipped: The stars are merely practicing a newfangled art form in which their hands always look good for a paparazzi shot or Instagram post. (And the product they're selling is on prominent display.)
Don't believe us? Check out the proof, ahead.

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