Bella Hadid's Bag May Be Impractical, But It's Definitely Cute

Photo: Alo Ceballos/GC Images.
When looking at celebrity street style, it's helpful to remember to take your goggles off. You know, those blinders that make you think things like, "Yeah, that minidress totally makes sense in 30 degree weather! If Kim Kardashian can do it, so can I!" And, while that's partly true — duh, you can rock anything you want — our typical work day doesn't involve three to four outfit changes that are all completely at odds with the weather forecast. But when we saw Bella Hadid's latest getup, we had conflicting feelings. Against her all-white backdrop of an oversized jacket and miniskirt by Alyx, that little pink bag stands out — but for a couple of reasons.
On one hand, we're obsessed with it. And we're even more obsessed with it because it's from the model's Chrome Hearts collaboration, which is set to release any minute now (we hope). And while we've still no word on whether or not they'll be the most affordable accessories on the market, they sure are fun to look at (especially this one). Also, let's note that Bella is rocking the specific shade of pink that had had millennials hypnotized for quite some time now. But on the other hand, its impracticality is kind of undeniable. Now, a bag covered in fur (faux or real) might be better than those neck pillows at the airport for a quick power nap, but this edition seems particularly delicate, and prone to stains. But hey, when you're Bella Hadid (need we repeat, Isabella Khair Hadid), that kind of stuff is the least of your worries.
The outfit is also rather daring considering that it's being worn in New York City. Because why else do you think New Yorkers wear all black? It's a dirty place. But, again, when you're one of the industry's top models, walking to and from your car in a city that transformed your style is much different than wearing white leather gogo-style boots on the subway. Of course, we love the way Hadid styled this daring look, from her furry bag friend to that industrial jewelry. And, we can't go without admitting how much we love when the model visits our neck of the woods (psst: it's usually when her model-off-duty style peaks). Can we get an amen up in here? Amen.

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