What Makes Carrie Underwood Feel Sexiest Is Surprising & Sweet

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The question of when one feels sexiest is a fascinating one. Some people enjoy the feeling of being looked at, when they can tell that all the eyes in room are on them. Others think that a private moment, perhaps on a dancefloor or in a bedroom, is the biggest turn-on in the world. Still others love being showered with gifts, affection, and love from the person that cares most about them in the world.
None of those is any better than any of the others. The range of human experience is as wide and deep as the Marianas Trench, and what might work for us may be anathema to others. That's fine, that's normal, and being accepting of how others feel, act, and think, isn't the same as not having a powerful sense of morality.
Carrie Underwood tells ET that she feels sexiest during date night with her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher.
"Just going out for a long dinner in some dark-lit, romantically secluded place — if we could get a corner booth or something where we can kind of just be alone and talk. That's always good."
She tells the publication that time with Fisher beats out even time on the red carpet.
"I mean, it's kind of easy to feel sexy when somebody else is doing your hair and makeup and stuff like that, and you're going on red carpets. But that's kind of a different sexy. I never get to have my husband at award shows either, because it's always during the [hockey] season. When I'm with him, I guess it's one of those rare date nights. It's super rare! It's nice to have him there."
A heartwarming answer. But again, that may not be true for anyone but her. Still, you can't knock being truly in love with the one you're with.

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