Amy Schumer's Beauty Advice Is Nothing If Not Practical

If there's one thing we love about Amy Schumer, it's that she refuses to be anyone but Amy Schumer. That fact applies to every single interview, like the one she recently gave for the May issue of InStyle. In the cover story, the comedian opens up about her budding success, the struggles that come along with it, and shaving (because of course). Best of all, she bestowed some dope beauty advice upon us — the kind we always hope to hear, but rarely do.
For starters, she mentioned that she doesn't worry about aging. But then she got real: When writer Jessica Seinfeld (yes, Seinfeld, as in Jerry's wife) asked Schumer what beauty product she can’t live without, she replied, “Toilet paper.” Because any daily routine would be quite the struggle without it, right? And when asked her secret to a good facial she replied, “As someone who has now had three is...I don’t know. I’ve had three facials.” But it gets better. Does she have a go-to sunburn remedy? Of course she does — just sip on a Bloody Mary and make sure you slather on the highest SPF known to man before stepping in the sun. (Duh.) She also credits her hairstylist for her tousled texture, “I would look like Charlize Theron in Monster...but Kim [Gueldner] brings it to life. She’s magic.”
The best thing about Schumer is that the woman isn't afraid to tell it like it is. In fact, her leg-shaving struggles are all of our leg-shaving struggles: “I shave my legs with a disposable razor, those awful, little short, violent ones," she told the publication. "And I use nothing and it hurts and I miss full strips on my knees like everyone else.”
We'll leave you with our favorite piece of advice from the star, because — while toilet paper and razors are essential — this is the one that really matters. “Love yourself like you’re your own mother," she said. And we couldn't agree with her more.
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