Your Vote Counts — Help Refinery29 Win A Webby Award

Every year, The Webby Awards honor the websites, social platforms, podcasts, and other digital media that deliver the stories, sounds, and scenes that capture your attention, get you thinking, and entertain you. 2017’s diverse group of nominees includes everyone from Beyoncé and Joe Biden to Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, and us! This year, Refinery29 is nominated for six awards.
While you can’t weigh in on the Oscars (unless, of course, you’re an accredited member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in which case, lucky you), you can make your voice heard for the Webby Awards. So, if you were into the Beauty Innovator Awards, couldn’t get enough of 29Rooms, or love the 67% Project, head here to cast your vote for Refinery29.
In addition to the nominations below, we also received honors for Best Overall Social Presence, Best Branded Editorial Experience (for The Z List), and in the categories of "Arts & Culture" (for our Strong Opinions Loosely Held podcast) and "Weird" (for Dorian Electra's History Of The Clitoris).
Voting is open until April 20, but why wait? Signing up to vote takes a total of five seconds and can be done through your Twitter or Facebook account. Don’t worry; the Webby Awards won’t post anything to your page.
This year, Refinery29 is nominated for six awards:
So what are you waiting for? Get your vote on!

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