Can We Stop Treating Beyoncé's Pregnancy Like A Riddle?

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Beyoncé is a master at keeping such a low profile that fans — and trolls — crave any bit of Bey they can get. By keeping mum on her life, Beyoncé has left room for the rest of the world to fill in the gaps for her. Just a little bit of info goes a long way for fans who want to figure out a backdoor way into Beyoncé’s world. The investigation to uncover the true identity of “Becky with the good hair” is a perfect example of this. Now that Beyoncé has shared her pregnancy news with the world — with an uncharacteristically public campaign that included a full photo spread and broke Instagram’s record for the most-liked picture — the Hive has been a frenzy for “clues.” And it’s a little extra.
Everyone is trying to decipher when Beyoncé is due, what the sex of her twins will be, when she found out she was pregnant, etc. And they are using random details from Instagram to try to figure it out. When the news first dropped, some fans insisted that every picture of Beyoncé holding up a peace sign was a pre-emptive hint at the twins incubating in her womb. As opposed to going with the possibility that she just likes her accessories or that she’s fulfilling a product placement obligation (hi, Gucci), people are insisting that Beyoncé’s earrings reveal the sex of her twins, again. Seriously.
I’m not sure why folks so strongly feel the need to be one step ahead of her pregnancy, but Beyonce’s pregnancy is not a riddle. Call me an uppity member of the Behyhive, but I’m perfectly satisfied with getting information about the twins when Bey gives it to me — especially since the singer has been pretty vocal about how invasive the public can be and how important her privacy is to her.
Furthermore, it seems pretty fruitless. We can speculate all day, but one of the things you learn as a member of the Beyhive is that you can’t trust any information that isn’t confirmed directly by the queen herself, or at least an immediate member of her family who isn’t Matthew, no shade. You might get lucky in a Beyoncé-theory crap shoot, but we still don’t know if Bey herself is even in the game.
Part of being “in formation” means knowing when to chill. Let her and her uterus live.

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