This Amazing Pregnancy Announcement Highlights Joy Of Expecting

Here's something to expect when you're expecting: Good as hell viral content that pushes the limits of memory and reminds us all of a simpler time. This couple channeled Bob Ross and his Joy of Painting to commemorate their foray into creating children. The caption, "[We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents]" raises some questions about the fact that they maybe weren't expecting to be expecting. Now that's unexpected!
Check out the good post.
Then the comments immediately start getting into complaining about parents and parents in law. We get it, other people are the worst and there's nothing worse than having to, like, deal with someone else's expectations and disappointments while they try to correct the mistakes that they or their parents made in life. But complaining about in-laws on Reddit is just beyond boring.
We're getting too worked up about this, we gotta watch some Bob Ross to chill out.
Bob, paint us the hell out of here.

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