We Had No Idea This Is What Old Hollywood Starlets Did To Stay "Young"

Photo Courtesy of FX.
What does it mean to be a bona fide movie star? Does it mean awards, like Oscars and Golden Globes? Does it mean riches, like mansions and couture? Or does it mean possessing raw, enviable talent? For women, it often means appearing to be perfect: perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect skin, perfect partner — the list goes on. If you thought Kim Kardashian wearing 5-inch heels while eight months pregnant was a lot, you should see the lengths to which early Hollywood actresses went to maintain the illusion of perfection and youthfulness.
Now, with FX's addicting new drama, Feud: Bette and Joan, highlighting the remarkable relationship between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, we're finally seeing accurate depictions of what these iconic women's beauty routines were really like. We also get a glance at the biggest (and most treacherous) feud of all: age versus beauty.
Let's look at the most surprising moments we've seen on the show so far.
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