10 Celebrities Who Aren't Afraid To Ask For More

Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage.
What would you do with your time if you were famous? Some of us would spend all of our free time sitting on a beach or a yacht; others would write a book, or produce a play. And there are certainly more than enough celebrities who do those things. But some of our favorite stars use fame to improve other people's lives, instead of their own.
Celebrity activists aren’t anything new, and they've been criticized as superficial and sometimes damaging to the causes they attach themselves to. That argument was amplified in the growing popularity of “hashtag activism,” especially after the 2016 election. We understand the arguments against celebrities speaking up, but we still think that any good that can be done should be done.
Ahead, we’ve collected stories of how our favorite celebs lend their fame to causes around the world. Let them inspire you.

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