Turns Out, David Boreanaz Was Naked A Lot On The Buffy Set

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It's no secret that David Boreanaz spent a lot of time shirtless as Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Like, a whole lot. But, it turns out, Boreanaz didn't just limit his nudity to on screen.
When the Buffy cast reunited for the 20th anniversary of the show, they revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Boreanaz spent a lot of time dropping trou on set. In fact, Buffy herself Sarah Michelle Gellar was quick to say it was actually "all the time."
The most interesting part of this Buffy fun fact is how hilarious Boreanaz thought it was to be naked in front of his cast mates. Apparently, he often couldn't hold it together when he was strutting his stuff.
“It’s shocking how often he was comfortable being naked and how giggly he is," Charisma Carpenter, a.k.a. Cordelia, said.
Gellar remembers that Boreanaz would "literally come out with no pants on just to see if you could keep a straight face." And no, Boreanaz never walked out wearing a sock to hide his member, he just let everything hang out.
Even now Boreanaz seems to be tickled by his on-set shenanigans, saying it was just him going "method." Fans did seem to be very impressed by what they saw on the season 3 episode "Faith, Trick and Hope.” You know the scenes where Angel, with nothing on but a smile, seductively poses on the floor of his mansion?
At the reunion, Boreanaz seemed more than happy to sit back and let his female cast mates spill the tea while he just laughed, shrugged, and said "sorry." Though, he gave a bit of an explanation for why he felt so comfortable with nothing on. He thinks it has something to do with his love for the Grateful Dead.
Okay, maybe the most shocking part of this story isn't Boreanaz's penchant for nudity but the fact that he's a Deadhead. Who knew?

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