Channing Tatum Is Getting Presidential In His New Netflix Role

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This is not like the history lessons you learned in school. Netflix's new project — America: The Motion Picture, its very first animated feature — will feature Channing Tatum, everyone's favorite male stripper cum Nicholas Sparks heartthrob and tank top-wearing street dancer. His role? Because it takes some major moves to found a country, he'll be playing George Washington.
Deadline reports that Tatum will star in the R-rated animated film, which will be a retelling of the early days of America. Tatum will lend his voice to the founding father, though Netflix hasn't announced any other casting news.
What the streaming network did announce does have us excited, though. Animation buffs can rest assured that this won't be a Disney-inspired tale of Liberty Bells and cherry trees. The team behind America: The Motion Picture includes Adam Reed, one of the cool dudes behind the hit show Archer, now on FXX. Slap an R rating on something and give it to the team that brings "phrasing," animated nudity, and cartoon gunfights (complete with blood!) and you can bet that this visit to 1776 will be full of unexpected twists.
To lend even more credence to the project, the duo behind the Lego Movie (2014) and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009) is also involved. What does that mean? You should expect a healthy dose of irreverence and a unique animation style (though we're quite certain no Lego minifigs will appear in that epic crossing the Delaware scene).
This isn't Tatum's first foray in the world of animation and voice work. His work on The Lego Movie (he voices Superman in the franchise, which includes 2017's The Lego Batman Movie) probably gave him a leg up with this production. But he also lent his steamy voice to The Book of Life (2014) and an episode of Family Guy. All this while starting a vodka company, taking piano lessons, and prepping for a Magic Mike Vegas show? The guy sure has a lot riding on those broad shoulders.
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