People Leave Some WEIRD Stuff In Their Ubers

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You know when it's the end of a long work day, or a big night on the town, and you're suddenly overcome by the need to be in bed, stat? Not sitting on the subway. Not relaxing at a quiet cocktail spot. Nope: Bed, ASAP. So you hop in an Uber, hurry home, and when you're finally under the covers it hits you: Shit. I left my valuable Nordic walking poles in the car.
You can laugh, but know this: It has happened. And apparently Uber's got the Nordic walking poles to prove it. The company just released its Lost & Found Index, which it calls "a snapshot of our riders’ most commonly forgotten items" (phone, wallet, keys, boring). But of course Uber couldn't stop there: There's also a lengthy — and much more entertaining — list of some rather uncommon items that riders have left behind. From lobster to a bulletproof vest to Crime and Punishment (I definitely wanted to ditch that thing in the back of a taxi too) to a "sweet potato care package," whatever that is, those unforgettable — and yet definitely forgotten — walking poles are in good company.
The index also includes fun analysis of a bunch of other Uber-loser data, such as when items are most often reported lost (Sundays, because thanks a lot Saturday night) and which city is home to the most forgetful riders in the country (it's not New York?!).
Uber even parsed out which personal items are most likely to be lost on certain days of the week. Some of them make perfect sense: Briefcases get lost on Friday (TGIF) and wedding dresses get lost on the weekends. But missing swimsuits every Tuesday? What kinds of lives are these riders living? Nordic Walking Poles Gal, if you're out there, we envy and admire you.
Check out the weirdest real-life Lost & Found list ever, below.
50 Most Unique Items Forgotten in Ubers
Valuable Nordic walking poles
Sweet potato care package
Engagement ring
Rubber mallet
School papers
Hot Cheetos
Notary bag
Pool stick
Smoke machine
Pearl earrings
Wedding outfit
Hard drive
Bulletproof vest
Crime & Punishment (book)
Grill set
Meat packet
Corn hole boards
Wooden hat
Lottery ticket
Back massage device
Rose quartz
Elf cut-out
Tap handle
Expensive slipper
Harry Potter glasses
Salsa Verde
Potted plant
Dog sweater
Contact lenses
Arm sling
Jewelry box
Money bag

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