This High Schooler's Zendaya-Inspired Dress Already Won Prom Season

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images.
We all remember Zendaya's golden gown from the 2016 Met Gala — and if you don't, we'll gladly remind you: The 20-year-old arrived on the arm of Michael Kors, dressed in a fully embellished, futuristic dress created by the designer. (Apparently but unsurprisingly, Zendaya was his most-fun date to the star-studded affair in 35 years.) Of all the tech-inspired looks that made their way up the museum steps for the big event, hers was certainly one of the most memorable. An 18-year-old high school student from Louisiana has proved that the ensemble still holds up.
Now, 10 months after Zendaya's Met Gala moment, Janaya Taylor attended her own prom in a custom dress inspired by the performer's Michael Kors gown, Seventeen reports. She grew infatuated with it as soon as she saw it, the student said. So, when prom season rolled around, she took a screenshot of the look to local designer Korebelle Jeffreys; a week and $425 later, Taylor had her own version of Zendaya's Michael Kors number.
Taylor shared a side-by-side comparison of the dresses on Twitter. "[Shoutout] to my seamstress," she wrote, tagging Zendaya as her inspiration.
Lo and behold, the actress/singer/designer noticed it in her mentions and retweeted Taylor — with two heart-eyed emojis and a kissy face, to boot.
"I was driving when I saw [the notification] come across my phone," Taylor told Seventeen. "When I saw it, I just started screaming." That's an appropriate reaction, we'd say. It may still be early, but it's safe to say Taylor has an early lead on winning prom season this year.

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