John Legend Defended Kim Kardashian Over Baby Joke

The voice of an angel and a willingness to have your friends' backs? Get you a man who can do both.
Chrissy Teigen did. Yesterday John Legend proved that Teigen's not the only one in the family ready to lay the smackdown on Twitter when the situation calls for it. The situation in this case was family friend Kim Kardashian being mocked for expressing her desire to try for a third baby in a preview for this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
A Twitter user compared Kardashian's plans to expand her family to China's controversial One-Child policy, in which families were compelled to only have one child. The policy, which resulted in abortions and cases of female infanticide, was ended in 2015. Neither that, nor Kardashian's public struggle with fertility, is what anyone would consider a laughing matter, but that didn't stop writer and former Mitt Romney political strategist Stuart Stevens from commenting, "Sometimes it seems the Chinese might have been on to something" in response to Kardashian.
Legend was quick to jump to the reality star's defense. The singer and actor, who performed at Kardashian's 2014 wedding to Kanye West, criticized the joke in a tweet.
"That was pretty awful," he wrote. "Shame on you."
Legend, who spent yesterday morning playing his hits for travelers at London's St. Pancras Station, wasn't the only one who felt like Stevens' tweet was a low blow. Many chimed in to call the comment unnecessary and mean. Stevens has not offered an apology or deleted the tweet, and it seems unlikely that he will.
But, hey, good on Legend for speaking up. Though the "Ordinary People" crooner hasn't always seen eye to eye with Kanye West, he and Teigen count Kardashian as a friend. It's natural that he would support her, especially when he and his wife are known for calling out jerks on Twitter all the time. Keep it up, please.

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