Watch Lana Del Rey's Spooky Old Hollywood Album Teaser

Lana del Rey is one of those artists that you think will be a flash in the pan but then it turns out she has ridiculous staying power. Her "Video Games" was cute, sure, but it seemed like she would go the way of Fountains of Wayne. That is to say, write a good song that people remember fondly when it's played at parties, make a bit of money, and move on to a long and happy life.
But she's stuck around either on the strength of her sad flower girl persona or the songwriting or her legitimately good voice. We're buying what she's selling. Her new single "Love" is a legitimate banger, with the fake gunshots and all. It will either make you cry, or walk around all day listening to it, like I did today.
In that vein, her new album teaser is also very, very good. It's called Lust for Life and she narrates the trailer from the middle of the H in the Hollywood sign. It's part Ed Wood, part Sin City, and part veiled reference to The Weeknd. (We hope that collab happens.)
Watch, as Lana gets surprisingly political and moves her image just slightly in the right way. She's the mistress of the tiny tweak.
Here it is.

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