Chloë Grace Moretz Was Right To Call The Cops On A Fan Bringing Her Cookies

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There has been a lot of talk about what celebrities owe their fans. On the one hand, a star owes a great deal of their success to the fans who supported them along the way: Because of fans who purchased movie tickets, waited in line at meet and greets, and followed them on social media, celebrities have gained power and clout in the industry. (And, yes: That often translates to dollars.)
On the other, famous people are still people. They deserve privacy and to feel safe, whether out in public and in their own homes. That's why things can get tricky: Fans aren't always happy when celebrities protect their own privacy and safety by shutting them out.
That's exactly what happened to Chloë Grace Moretz. As reported by TMZ, Moretz called the cops on a young man hoping to bring her a plate of cookies. According to the report, the alleged fan — who was riding a skateboard around the neighborhood — knocked on Moretz's neighbor's door and asked which house belonged to the Kick-Ass star. The neighbor began asking the fan — who appeared to be about 18 — questions. Eventually, the man left without delivering the tray of treats to Moretz. When Moretz heard about the situation, she reported it to the police, but the cops did not catch the fan.
On the surface, this story might seem like no big deal: The fan was young, and he was offering Moretz cookies, not making a threat. Yet the truth is, there's something particularly predatory about a stranger seeking out your address, even if it's for something as seemingly innocuous as giving you a gift. Moretz is not this person's friend. This person did not receive information about where Moretz lived from the actress herself, but sussed it out in order to show up uninvited. Whether the person sees it that way or not, it's very much an invasion of one's privacy and Moretz likely feels a little less safe because of this interaction.
There's no way for a celebrity to differentiate between a fan and someone who wants to harm them, but even if they could, sometimes stars just want to be left alone. Fans are not friends — and they need to respect a star's privacy no matter how much they admire them.

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