A Troll Wrote "BFF Goals" About Samira Wiley & Lauren Morelli & The Internet Is NOT Having It

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Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli are married. They're also both women.
You'd think that in 2017, most people wouldn't bat an eye at that information. But one Twitter troll is determined to make ridiculous comments about the couple, all in the name of "humor."
A Twitter user whose name is "VeganMegan," with the Twitter handle @pickedupfloozy, decided to have a little "fun" with a tweet about Wiley and Morelli's wedding.
Online magazine MEFeater tweeted a photo from the wedding, along with the caption "Congrats to OITNB's Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli on finally tying the knot." (Wiley starred on Netflix's Orange Is The New Black, while Morelli is a writer on the show.) @VeganMegan had quite a response to the tweet.
VeganMegan wrote, "getting married on the same day as my best friend is absolutely bff goals! Are there any pics of how their husbands look like?"
Other Twitter users, not understanding the fact that it was a troll account, were quick to respond with tweets along the lines of "actually, they're gay."
VeganMegan actually engaged with the responses, though, tweeting, "well if they weren't friends before then they SURELY became friends right after. Just look at their smiles #BFFGOALS." (And, yes, it's great if your spouse is your best friend, but that's not what this trollish comment suggests.)
Then, VeganMegan moved onto an even more disturbing tweet.
When another Twitter user tried to engage VeganMegan, explaining that there's no one way LGBTQ people look, she responded that her tweets are her "attempt at humor." (Note the passive apology — she's not sorry the tweet was offensive, she's sorry someone was offended by it.)
BuzzFeed managed to get in touch with the owner of the @pickedupfloozy Twitter account. Apparently, VeganMegan sent them a message, saying "I actually don't judge anybody irl. If I was American I would've voted for Hillary."
"It's my humour. Like people jump to conclusion so fast," VeganMegan told BuzzFeed. "And they're so aggressive. My bio kind of gives it away." (For the record, VeganMegan's Twitter bio is "single mom with no kids.")
VeganMegan also told BuzzFeed that her tweet was meant to imitate "something an airhead would say." (Bigot, airhead — same thing, right?) It's not clear what, exactly, the account's owner wanted to do here — but "humor" is a stretch.

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