Kevin Hart Freaks Out About His Daughter's Crushes

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Kevin Hart has taken on a lot in his career: the Rock; David Beckham; that huge stand-up special, What Now?; and about a zillion movies a year. Through it all, he handles it like a pro — you don't even see him sweat unless you follow him on Instagram, where he documents his intense fitness routine. But one thing he's not prepared to handle? His daughter, 12-year-old Heaven Hart, is growing up and starting to develop crushes. Oh, how time flies.
In an interview with E! News, Hart told host Maria Menounos that he wishes that he could implement some sort of No Boys policy, but understands that it's just not realistic. He explained that while he's willing to give his little girl anything she wants, he's not ready to handle her growing up and starting to explore the scary world of romance. In fact, he say's he's totally scared of it.
"This is the first time I'm dealing with this, so it's not like I have a ton of experience," Hart told Menounos. "My mom had two boys. It was me and my brothers, so this is me dealing with a girl at a different level. I mean this is my heart. I don't want to prohibit things, but she is a child, so you make sure she understands the parameters that she can and can't do."
Hart went on to say that his daughter actually talks to him about the boys she likes. (Enjoy that while it lasts, Hart.) And while he appreciates the open and honest conversations, it makes him mad and nervous to realize that he's not going to be able to control everything in his life. What does he have control over? The soccer-themed party that's on the calendar for Heaven's next birthday. Hart is set to play the goalie. We're not sure what that role entails, but we'll be patiently waiting for our invites.
The comedian added that since we're all living in the age of the internet, it's vastly different from what he experienced as a kid growing up. Throughout the interview, Hart's love for his daughter is clear — so while we'd love to hang out with him, any boys looking to capture Heaven's heart better prepare to deal with an overprotective pop.
"We're living in different times, so the way you could prohibit things back in the day, it's different now," he added. "The internet gives kids access to anything and everything. I laugh a lot at stuff at first, but then I give my dad speech, but you can't let them see you laugh."
Watch Hart gush over his daughter in the interview, below.

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