Why People Are So Angry At This Daily Mail Cover

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Well, it appears The Daily Mail has finally outdone itself. After reporting rumours that First Lady Melania Trump used to be a sex worker (and getting hit with a whopping lawsuit in response), the British tabloid's latest cover reduces the leaders of the U.K. to...a headline about their legs?
It's almost too facepalm-worthy to believe, but alas, here it is. The cover features British Prime Minister Theresa May and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon alongside the headline "Nevermind Brexit, who won Legs-it!" This is a headline that, aside from being astoundingly sexist and objectifying and generally in poor taste both politically and journalistically, is also a question. "Who won Legs-it?" should end in a question mark, dear tabloid reporters. At least punctuate your horrible misogyny correctly next time, please.
For those interested in the actual news story behind the stocking-clad calves of these highly qualified and professional politicians: The ministers held a somewhat tense meeting during May's trip to Scotland, during which they discussed the Brexit timeline and Sturgeon's hope for a new vote on Scottish independence.
"I have said that I want people in Scotland to have an informed choice when the terms of Brexit are clear," Sturgeon said, according to the BBC.
But May wants to keep the U.K. intact: "As Britain leaves the European Union, and we forge a new role for ourselves in the world, the strength and stability of our Union will become even more important," she said.
But oh well never mind all that boring world-changing political nonsense, let's look at some lady legs and vote about them!
We could go on and on about the many unjust and inappropriate ways that women and our bodies are objectified — in politics, in other workplaces, on the street — every day. But, as is so often the case, Twitter really says it best with this one. So here you go.

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