The Mysteries Of Mariah Carey

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Today is Mariah Carey’s birthday. The reigning queen of luxury, shade, and Christmas is one year older and still capturing hearts. To say her reputation precedes her would be an understatement at this point.
Carey has been in the public eye for longer than she hasn’t. She started her singing her career before she was even old enough to drink. But for someone who has spent so much of her life in the public eye, there are a surprising number of unknowns surrounding the pop diva. I thought it would be fitting to revisit some of these mysteries on her birthday.
We all love to obsess over who Mariah doesn't know. But after pondering these enigmas, maybe the real question we should have been asking is: Do we know her?
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Her Race

Today, most people know that Mariah Carey is not white. However, this was not always the case. Early on in her career, she was often mislabeled as a white girl with a strong voice, a move that made her more digestible to mainstream audiences. Carey quickly refuted this by offering clarity on her identity as a biracial woman.

Even those who know that Carey is a woman of color aren’t sure of the specifics. Fortunately this mystery is easy to solve. Her mother is Irish and her father is Black and Afro-Venezuelan.
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Her Family

You can choose to be a multiplatinum selling pop star worth millions — still not sure why I didn’t choose that route — but you can’t choose your family. Mimi’s two older siblings certainly haven’t secured the same amount of success as their baby sister. Her sister Alison has made tabloid headlines for drug use, sex work, and being HIV-positive. Most recently, Alison was institutionalized at a mental health facility against her will and made a public plea to Mariah to provide resources to aid in her release.

When her cry for help fell on deaf ears, Mariah’s brother Morgan called Mariah “selfish” and claimed that their family was broken. We’re not sure what led the siblings to estrangement, but his assessment seems to be pretty accurate.
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Her Age

Ms. Carey doesn’t have an official biography on her personal website. Us internet savvy researchers know that the next best source for facts on any person, place, or thing is obviously Wikipedia. For the person trying to verify Mariah Carey’s age, however, this isn’t an easy endeavor. Her official Wiki admits that she might be 47 or 48. With sources supporting both speculative years, we still can’t confirm her age.

Leave it to Mimi to find a way to hide her years, even in the age of information.
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How Relationship With Nick Cannon

This one still has me scratching my head. I've always wanted to know how these two ended up together. This was one of those celebrity couplings that threw me for a loop — like finding out that Toni Braxton is dating Birdman or when Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri got together. It was just…strange.
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