Kim Kardashian Debunked A Viral Photo Of Her On Snapchat

Kim Kardashian West is a lot of things. She's a mother. She's an expert on contouring. She's a reality television star. And, apparently, she's a Photoshop detective — at least when it comes to photos of her.
As someone who is heavily photographed, Kim Kardashian West has probably endured her fair share of bad photo edits. Add to that the public's fascination with "makeup-free" celebrities and the "makeunder," and it makes sense that someone might edit a photo to make her look worse. On Snapchat this morning, the 36-year-old posted a side-by-side comparison of a photo of herself that surfaced on the internet and a more recent (and more glam) photo.
"Wait who has seen this?" She wrote over the photo. "The pic on the left is Photoshopped." Sure enough, the photo on the left looks visibly edited. In the pic, Kardashian wears a skewed pair of glasses. Kardashian adds, "Not my hair, eyebrows or glasses!" (The mother of two appears to be on the anti-Oxford comma camp.)
Photo: Snapchat/Kim Kardashian.
Kardashian has the cold hard evidence to prove it, too. She immediately provided the original photo as well. She wants this clear, though: The original photo is still a less-than-glamorous image.
"Not much better," she writes over the photo, adding a laughing emoji.
In our eyes, the photoshop edit shouldn't matter. (Hey Kim! Glasses and bushy eyebrows aren't illegal, you know.) The Kardashians are fiercely protective over their image, though — their image is the entirety of their industry, really. When Kim Kardashian discredits the work of this plucky photoshopper, it's as if she's discrediting a fraudulent piece of artwork or a misattributed quote. Kim Kardashian would never allow herself to be photographed in her glasses. She simply wouldn't.
But Kim, you should know this: We'd love you anyway, plucked or unplucked, glasses or no. (It should go without saying, but we love saying it.)
Additional reporting by Morgan Baila.

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