A Celestial Triangle Is Taking Place This Week & You Do Not Want To Miss It

Photo: Getty Images.
The full moon usually gets all the hype, but this week, you'll want to pay close attention to the waxing crescent moon. On Wednesday, March 29, the moon, Mercury, and Mars will form a celestial triangle.
Begin looking for the planets around dusk, locating the moon first and using it to guide you to the other two nearby planets. According to EarthSky, the moon may be lit by earthshine, the sunlight that is reflected from the earth.
Seeing the triangle is cool and all, but Wednesday's sky spectacle really stands out because of one planet in particular. That night, you'll have your best bet of getting a gorgeous view of Mercury, which is very small and often hard to see because it is so close to the sun.
The following night, March 30, you'll be able to see the crescent moon paired with Mars. Though the planets will no longer form a triangle, you may still have a good chance of seeing Mercury after sunset.
If those astronomical events don't satisfy your sky gazing, there's one more to catch Tuesday, March 28. The new moon arrives at 10:57 p.m. on March 27, so you can see what EarthSky says is a "super young moon," which will look especially thin, about thirty to forty minutes after sunset on Tuesday.
If anything, head outside with your phone and catch it all for the 'gram.

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