Celebs Passionately Respond To News Of Missing Black & Latinx Teenagers In D.C.

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In just a couple weeks, nearly a dozen Black and Latinx teens ages 11 to 17 have gone missing in the D.C. area. Sadly, up until yesterday, this inexplicable tragedy had barely made headlines — let alone garnered the full awareness and attention it deserved.
On March 12, a Twitter user under the name Black Marvel Girl tweeted images highlighting the names and photos of missing girls. Her message slowly began to go viral. Though, of course, a viral tweet was not enough. The public was incensed that mainstream news outlets hadn’t widely covered or discussed the news. “Residents are very worried. They are wondering if the city is taking this seriously. They say things like, 'If white girls were disappearing uptown, there would be a state of emergency,'" Sharece Crawford said to the Washington Post. Crawford is a member of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission in Southeast Washington.
After a widely viewed segment on Good Morning America the news quickly spread beyond social media and into the homes of many Americans. It also grabbed the attention of several celebrities.
“These are missing CHILDREN. See these faces, see them as your own. You would want the world to care enough to bring these CHILDREN back to their families. Please help! Please post this,” said actress Gabrielle Union in an impassioned Instagram post. She included a video highlighting the names and faces of those missing. “Demand equal coverage of ALL missing children from the media. Each of our children is loved and cherished and EACH child deserves all of our collective effort to bring them home.”
Many more celebrities have shared concern online.
Actress Olivia Wilde posted a popular image of a milk carton.“It is deeply disturbing that the disappearance of dozens of young girls is 'business as usual' in our nation's capital, my childhood home. The response that these numbers aren't any higher than normal should only make us more horrified,” she said in a lengthy post.
Grammy-winning actress Viola Davis tweeted out the same video as Union, adding "If you have any information on the missing teens in this video, please call 202-727-9099 #MissingDCGirls."
"We must make some noise!! Why are we just hearing about this. Why is this not the number one topic in America right now? Let's tweet. Facebook, Instagram, call our local news media outlets let's make some noise people! This has got to stop," said Tina Lawson, a.k.a Beyoncé and Solange's mom. Kris Jenner reposted Lawson's PSA.
See what many celebs around the web had to say below.

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