This Is Why Milo Ventimiglia Quit Instagram

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We've followed him from Star's Hollow to New York City (albeit with superpowers) and now, to 1970s Pittsburgh. But one place we can't follow Milo Ventimiglia any longer? Instagram. The This is Us star used to be pretty active on the photo-sharing social network — he even bid followers adieu with a final post captioned "Finito" — but he stopped abruptly and didn't explain why. Until now. In a recent interview, Ventimiglia said that while he loved Instagram initially, it started to be less about the photos and more about his roles.
"It started as a place [for] a collective group of photographers and artists to share their work, and their lives. And at a certain point — after doing it for three years — I saw it change," Ventimiglia explained in a video for The Associated Press. "Nobody was looking at the photos. They were asking me about my acting jobs."
Ventimiglia has been active on Instagram for three years. And instead of the #sponcon and #ads that fill many celebrity feeds, he used his account to showcase his own photography. He mentions that he's been a photo buff since he was a kid, snapping pics of his family trips and everyday happenings.


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On Ventimiglia's feed, selfies are rare. Instead, he shares snapshots of museums, architecture, and plenty of hats. In fact, Instagram is where we found out that Ventimiglia is a fedora enthusiast as well as a heartbreaker (and a fan of Asian sculpture). For anyone who isn't already following his travels and travails, Ventimiglia's account is still accessible; it just won't be getting any new additions.
"It felt like it lost what I'd grown to love about it as a photographer," he added.
He had planned on a total of 1,200 images, but Instagram took one of his images down for violating its terms and conditions. That means that Ventimiglia's photo project will forever remain incomplete, but that also gives fans a tiny bit of hope that he'll be back on Instagram eventually. Rest assured that where he leads, we will follow.
Check out the whole interview below.

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