The Most Iconic Mafia Movies Of All Time

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So, you’ve seen The Godfather and want to expand your mafia movie repertoire? Enter Martin Scorsese and his brat pack to bring New York mobsters and their street-smart, terrifying grit to the silver screen. But gangster movies don’t stop at Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather. From the ruthless Russian gangsters in Eastern Promises to police-mobster friendships in Donnie Brasco, there’s so much more worth watching in this genre beyond the Corleone family.
All of the movies on this list explore mobsters’ hijinks, but also the specific emotional qualities that keep friends close and enemies closer. After all, mobsters aren’t just criminals. They’re criminals with a specific set of principles — albeit principles that are not police-sanctioned. Watch, enjoy, and beware of saying yes to favors.

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