The Hills' Jason Wahler Celebrated His Sobriety By Posting His Old DUI Mugshot

Here's a before-and-after you won't soon forget.
Jason Wahler, former star of Laguna Beach and The Hills, celebrated his sobriety yesterday by sharing an old mugshot alongside a current, much more joyful photo of himself on Instagram.

Before and After!

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Lauren Conrad's famous ex is holding a water bottle in the "after" shot. The post, which promotes the work of the National Addiction Foundation, also features the quote, "You will never know how good it all is until you get sober."
The 30-year-old former reality star's new lifestyle would appear to be a testament to that. Wahler married hairdresser Ashley Slack in 2013, and the couple are now expecting their first child, a baby girl.
That's a stark contrast to just a few years ago, when he was struggling with alcoholism, which he has blamed for ruining his relationship with Conrad. Wahler, who appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew in 2010, was also arrested on drinking-related charges, including a DUI and taking part in a drunken brawl, at least six times.
"I became a totally different person active in my addiction versus when I'm sober and living life in recovery," he told Entertainment Tonight last May. "It's a totally different mentality and thought process. The way my brain operates, it's completely different."
He also revealed that his addiction, which included cocaine use, left him wanting to end his life.
"My addiction drove me to suicide," he shared. "Not contemplation — actually attempting suicide — and somebody found me and that's why I'm still here today. I'm very grateful for that.
"How that all kind of lined up, obviously, somebody up above wanted me here for a reason and I'm very happy that I did not check out," he added. "It's crazy to look at where things are. I never would have guessed six years ago, I would be working in recovery, substance abuse, and mental health, considering I was paid to party. That was the last thing I thought was going to happen."

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