This Deleted Riverdale Scene Proves Archie & Val Have Major Chemistry

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Betty and Veronica have long fought over Archie's heart in the comics upon which Riverdale is based, but The CW show has given K.J. Apa's Archie a love interest far more aligned with who the redheaded hunk is in 2017. Valerie (Hayley Law) didn't have to try particularly hard to snag a smooch from the show's leading man — all she had to do was make sweet music. Val and Archie had been working on songwriting, but their musical connection turned romantic in "Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!" While the pair didn't perform at the variety show together, Archie can credit the Pussycat with helping make his solo debut the best it could be. (Creepy teacher Ms. Grundy certainly doesn't deserve the credit.) In this deleted scene, Archie and Val share yet another steamy moment in the music room, and it's yet one more reason to ship these two.
Riverdale won't return for a new episode until March 30 (sob!) but in the meantime, the series is releasing never-before-seen clips that ended up on the cutting room floor. Though we're not sure exactly why this cute clip of Archie and Val — which would have appeared in "Chapter Five: Heart Of Darkness" — didn't make it into the episode, I'm very glad that it saw the light of day. Apa shared it on his Twitter, and I'm giddy with all the Varchie love:
Fans of Riverdale who are not comic devotees may be surprised to learn that Archie and Val actually do have a history outside of The CW series. Val, who was first introduced in 1969, actually began a romance with Archie in 2010. Her touring schedule with the Pussycats kept her away from her boyfriend. A 2012 comic explored a future in which Val and Archie got married and had a daughter together. (Betty and Veronica also got their own futures with Archie.)
Whether or not Val and Archie are endgame, Law and Apa have serious onscreen chemistry. I'm 100% here for this pairing, and for any future duets Riverdale wants to toss our way.

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