We Finally Have More Info About Ina Garten's Brand New Cooking Show

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Two months later, Food Network is dishing out some details about Ina Garten's much anticipated new food show. Thanks to an Instagram post back in March, we knew its name (Cook Like A Pro) and that the show would focus more on cooking techniques than entertaining recipes. But, now we know when we can watch and what the first season's episodes entail. According to a press release from Food Network, the first episode will air on Sunday, June, 4 at 11a.m. The first four episodes are called: "Weeknight Dinners," "Pasta," "Fearless Food," and "Eggs." Each episode offers several recipes and techniques around each theme. Plus, there are some celebrity chef guest appearances including Mario Batali and Jose Andres.
This article was originally published on March 27, 2017.
After spending the last few days investigating and guessing, we finally found out a few more details about Ina Garten's brand new series Cook Like A Pro. Garten herself told TODAY Food that this series will be more about how to cook and less about specific dishes. She said Cook Like A Pro is "a little more fine-grained than my other show, which is more like my friends are coming for dinner. I want to teach people techniques instead of recipes. I just want to answer all of people's questions on how to cook."
The best selling cookbook author, entertaining guru, and former food business owner is going to take all that experience and put it toward teaching her viewers how to be a pro in the kitchen. And, of course, we can't wait.
This article was originally published on March 23, 2017
If I could have any pro teach me how to cook, I would probably have to pick Ina Garten. It seems like she has a very calming presence, which I definitely need when I’m cooking. Also, she clearly has a good sense of humor, and we both hate cilantro, so I’d never have to smell it in the kitchen or see it on a plate. Getting one-on-one pro tips from the Barefoot Contessa may never become a reality for me, but her new series might take all of us one step closer to that dream. Oh yes, you read that correctly, Garten announced on Instagram today that she is currently filming a brand new show.
Ina dropped this big news on the world with one picture, which featured her and her assistant Lidey standing in the kitchen. And they each have a chocolate cake in front of them. The caption reads, “Fun today filming with Lidey for my new TV series, "Cook Like a Pro" on @foodnetwork !! Airing mid-May; stay tuned!!” I hope you’re still breathing.

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Though we don't have many details about what the show will entail, based on the photo and the series’ name, my best guess is that it might involve Ina working in the kitchen with another person to help them learn her professional cooking skills. Maybe every episode will be with Lidey or perhaps the guest student will rotate. She definitely wouldn’t have any trouble finding volunteers to teach. The only thing I can say for certain is that I am extremely jealous of Lidey and wish I had her life, but I realize that’s not helpful information.
There are a few elements of this monumental announcement that seem notable. For one thing, the cakes that Garten and her assistant are standing next to are Chocolate Ganache Cakes decorated with a chevron pattern. Avid fans will recognize the recipe from an Instagram photo Ina earlier this month. So, has she been dropping hints about the new series on social media for a while? Another interesting detail is that "Cook Like A Pro" was the name of a 2011 episode of Barefoot Contessa. In this episode, Garten makes a cake with Hamptons-based pastry chef Laura Donnelly, and together, the two share plenty of trade secrets. Could this be another hint? Maybe it's not Ina who will be doing all the teaching in her new series. Perhaps she'll be joined by other pros.
We have reached out to Food Network for comment, and will keep you up-to-date as we find out more. For now, it's all just speculation, excitement, and a lot of daydreaming about Ina Garten's new series Cook Like A Pro.
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