Watching Ina Garten Decorate This Chocolate Ganache Cake Is Totally Mesmerizing

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It's been a couple month since we've gotten a fresh dose of Barefoot Contessa. The Food Network show is currently between seasons, which means we've had to make due with watching reruns whenever we can catch them and obsessively checking Ina Garten's Instagram for new video posts. Not only do we crave new recipes from her, but we also just want to hear her relaxing voice. Watching her expertly prepare a dish does wonders to calm us down and have us mesmerized. Lucky for us super fans, Garten posted a video to her Instagram today, and it's definitely enough to keep us hypnotized for a good long while.
The Food Network star's video starts with a shot of a shiny chocolate ganache cake that is so reflective, you can see Ina hovering over its surface. She then begins to pipe out lines of white icing across the cake. Once the lines are all dawn, the celeb chef takes the top of a knife and drags it through the icing to create an lovely pattern. The end result is stunning and the cake looks delectable once it's cut.
In the caption of the video, Ina writes, "Chocolate Ganache Cake with chevron decoration - looks professional but with a little practice it's really easy!!" We trust her words, especially since she's always given us reliable instructions in the past.

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We're not the only ones who were completely captivated by the video. Many commenters have been leaving messages like, "I'm literally drooling watching this" and "My mouth is watering!" Of course, she shared the recipe, so we can recreate it at home or perhaps ask someone to make it for us while we watch. It might not be the same, but until Barefoot Contessa returns, it's all we've got.

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