Ina Garten Finally Responded To Stephen Colbert's Tweets In The Funniest Way

After several pestering prods from Stephen Colbert, Ina Garten has finally responded to his numerous requests to cook with her. Today, the Barefoot Contessa tweeted the most unexpected and hilarious photoshopped image we may have ever seen. The picture is a take on Garten's Cooking For Jeffery cover, but in her husband's place stands Stephen Colbert. Accompanying the photo, she wrote, "Next book IS Cooking for Stephen! Truffled scrambled eggs or Twinkie French toast with Waffle House gravy? Come cook with me!" Take a look:
While we know she's just playing along with the joke, we have to admit that this would be a fantastic cookbook. And, with both their names attached to it, there's no doubt it would be another bestseller.
This article was originally published on March 16, 2017.
At least once a week I find my mind accidentally wandering to a recurring daydream where Ina Garten invites me to a fabulous dinner party at her home in the Hamptons. I sit at an expertly decorated table with gorgeous bouquets of flowers and beautiful fine china. To my left is Tina Fey, and across from me sit Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. At either end of the dining room table, Ina and Jeffery raise their glasses of champagne to the guest of honor, me, and we then dig into endless dishes prepared by the Barefoot Contessa herself. I thought this fantasy was unique to me, but it turns out even celebrities want to share a meal with this Food Network star and best selling cookbook author.
Yesterday evening, Stephen Colbert, hilarious host of CBS' The Late Show, responded to a tweet posted by Ina Garten, and it was painfully obvious that he was trying to weasel his way into a dinner invitation. Garten's tweet featured a photo of her set table — just as immaculate as the one in my dreams — and offered this tidbit about entertaining, "An easy tip for stylish centerpieces — choose one flower and use lots of them! Simple and elegant — my favorite combination." Colbert's response had absolutely nothing to do with Ina's handy tip. Take a look:
Since so many people are fans of both Ina Garten and Stephen Colbert, Twitter of course went wild for this funny tweet. So far, Colbert's observation has been liked 2,200 times. Upon further inspection of Colbert's tweet history, it looks like is not the first time he has called Garten out on social media. In fact, he has tweeted at the Barefoot Contessa three times in the last two days, and each tweet is thirstier than the last.
Surely, the celebrity chef can't ignore this desperate man forever, especially since so many fellow fans users are retweeting his pleas. Perhaps I'll do my part for Colbert by giving him Tina Fey's spot at the dinner party in my next daydream. Or, on second thought, maybe we can just pull up a extra chair.

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