Fake Tube Sign About London Terror Attack Goes Viral

A fake London tube sign, created using an online tube sign generator, has gone viral in the wake of yesterday’s terror attack on the capital. Its message of defiance and solidarity was even reported on the BBC, applauded in the House of Commons and reposted by journalists and MPs.
The sign, which looks as though it was written by London Underground staff, reads: “All terrorists are politely reminded that THIS IS LONDON and whatever you do to us we will drink tea and jolly well carry on thank you.”
The BBC’s Nick Robinson, the presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme who read it out this morning, later made clear the sign was fake but said the message still stands. Others also clarified their initial endorsements of the sign.
It was later read out in the Houses of Parliament by MP Simon Hoare, to which Prime Minister Theresa May responded that it was a "wonderful tribute" which “encapsulated everything everybody in this house has said today.”
London Underground staff often write funny and inspirational messages on signs following tragedies and other big news events, which often find their way on to social media.
However, in 2015 Yorkshire-based developer Tim Waters created a fake Tube sign generator which many began using to circulate racist messages, thereby abusing the original intention of the signs, The Guardian reported. A lawyer for TfL asked Waters to take down the site but a similar one was set up soon after.
But there are still many London Underground staff who continue to write genuine uplifting messages in our Underground stations – and we love them for it. Here are some of the best ones spotted in the wake of Wednesday's tragic terror attack.

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